Book Design, "Where's the One About the Bobcat?"

Book design for "Where's the One About the Bobcat?"

Cover of "Where's the One About the Bobcat?"
I designed and illustrated the cover. The title was created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The illustration began with a pencil sketch and was finished in Photoshop. The final cover was created using InDesign.
Detail of cover.
Section Header
This was used in full color on the back cover of the book. And inside a black and white version was used to introduce each of the sections.
Those familiar with McManus's stories will recognize the inspiration for this from his story Temporary Measures.
The idea for the section headers came to me in a dream. I needed a graphic element of some sort to introduce each section. As I went to bed one night I was pondering this and tried to imagine what it would look like if Patrick were to actually construct it from items laying around in his garage. In the middle of the night this came to me and first thing the next morning I made this quick pencil sketch.
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